Attorney sues over profile mistakes

By Mike Wells
9/3/2010 © Health News Florida

A health-law attorney in St. Petersburg has triggered comment in legal circles nationwide for suing an online consumer rating service that gave him just 3.7 out of 10 points — a rating described in a legal blog as lower than a “brick.”

Larry Joe Davis Jr. of St. Petersburg filed suit for defamation against, a consumer site for lawyers, which lists Davis with a red-lettered “caution” sign because of disciplinary action by the Florida Bar. Davis, who is board-certified in health law, represents physician groups and hospitals.

A previous suit against Avvo by an attorney who had a “caution” sign was thrown out on First Amendment grounds.

Davis says he’s not suing over the rating, but because the Seattle-based company put him in the wrong category, gave an outdated address and used his photo without his permission. He said he discovered his listing under “labor and employment law” from a potential client.

Avvo CEO and President Mark Britton said Davis’ allegations of harm are farfetched and classified the lawsuit as the act of a schoolyard “bully.”

Read the rest of the story here.


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