WellCare’s political spending eyed

By Jim Saunders and Mike Wells
5/7/2010 © Health News Florida

A New York-based investor is pushing to require WellCare Health Plans — a major contributor to Florida politicians and parties — to disclose more information about how it spends company money on political activities.

Amalgamated Bank, through one of its investment funds, wants shareholders to approve a proposal next month that would require WellCare to provide semi-annual reports about money it spends on candidates, political parties and other types of organizations that try to influence campaigns, according to a proxy statement released last week.

“Disclosure is consistent with public policy and (is) in the best interest of our company and its shareholders,” the proposal says. “Absent a system of accountability, company assets can be used for policy objectives that may be inimical to the long-term interests of and may pose risks to the company and its shareholders.”

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WellCare profits up on Medicare business

By Mike Wells and Carol Gentry
5/5/2010 © Health News Florida

WellCare Health Plans Inc., which reported  handsome first-quarter earnings today, faces a paradox in its government contracts: It’s making too much money on its Medicare services — at least, too much to meet upcoming spending requirements — but not enough from Medicaid.

That’s what analyst Carl McDonald of Oppenheimer & Co. said in an advisory report issued today after WellCare released its first-quarter earnings report. The company said it netted $6.4 million, compared with a loss of $36.9 million for the same period last year.

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Creative Loafing – Iorio appoints Tampa’s first woman, first openly lesbian police chief

Iorio appoints Tampa’s first woman, first openly lesbian police chief

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Poynter article spikes my pageviews

Mega hits for WellsWritten.com!

An article linking to this site was posted on Tuesday at Poynter.org and the result was astounding (at least to me). In about 48 hours, my site experienced more than 2,700 page views. The welcome page alone saw more than 700 individual hits. That means most of the visitors went beyond the home page to explore the site, look over my resume and check out some of my work.

It’s all due to Judy Stark, formerly of the St. Petersburg Times, who wrote up a great set of tips for newspaper journalists who expect the layoff ax to fall. Thanks Judy!

UPDATE: Today (01/12/09), my site’s hits reached 3,369 for the month. I’ll stop counting now, but it was fun to watch the stats rise.

Nearly there

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tweaked this site’s design and increased its content. So far, the results satisfy me. This site is the starting point in my plan to make Wells Written a recognized brand.

My clips and resume are now available for download in Microsoft Word format. The next step is to upload some video and audio content, followed by samples of my photography.

I also plan to add links to my favorite news and writing websites to make WellsWritten.com useful to visitors.

New Landscape

Welcome to Wells Written.

This site serves as my online portfolio. You can stay on top of my activities and current projects by following my blog. Feel free to comment on my entries and share your thoughts.