“Mike Wells is a rare find: supportive colleague, dogged reporter, and brilliant writer. He’s an editor’s dream and a scoundrel’s nightmare.”

— Sharon Santus, Professor of Mass Communications at Bloomsburg University and award-winning investigative reporter and projects editor, edited Mike at the Columbia Daily Tribune.


“Mike combines good news sense with great storytelling, giving his readers compelling accounts of their daily lives. He understands and appreciates the full spectrum of story forms available to 21st Century journalists and always looks for opportunities to enhance his work with visual, audio and multimedia elements. Mike has a unique understanding of print and TV traditions as well as the latest online trends, and he tailors his approach to meet the needs of any platform and its matching audience. He’s a pleasure to collaborate with whether tackling spot news or enterprise journalism, print storytelling or multimedia!”

— Crystal Lauderdale, Video Product Manager at The New York Times Regional Media Group, worked with Mike at The Tampa Tribune.


“As a reporter, Mike Wells has an enthusiasm for his craft that’s unfortunately rare. I’ve worked with a lot of people who seem to go on autopilot after a number of years in the trenches – not Mike. He has tenacity and exuberance about managing a beat that is inspiring. He’s a supportive colleague who is glad to throw his skills into the fire when a big story breaks, whether it’s taking dictation, making phone calls or reading transcripts. I’d gladly work with him again.”

— Valerie Kalfrin, Reporter, Tampa Tribune, worked with Mike at The Tampa Tribune.


“Mike is a thoughtful, thorough journalist … he connects with sources unlike anyone else. This is our second paper together — I recruited him here from Missouri — and I’d take him anywhere.”

— Heidi Hall, Education Editor, The Tennessean, edited Mike at The Tampa Tribune.

“I had the privilege of sitting next to Mike and was fascinated at the way he conducted interviews and would get people to open up about sensitive subjects. He’s a top-notch crime reporter.”

— D’Ann Lawrence White, reporter/columnist, Tampa Tribune, worked with Mike at The Tampa Tribune.

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